A Travel Guide for Getting Off, and Getting It On

It’s surprising how many ladies do not have a vibrator waiting for them in their drawer or some other secret place…how does a self respecting women not own something that brings such happiness? Happiness that is literally hand delivered… So, maybe there should be a beginners guide to finding your first vibrator! Let’s take a look at some first steps-

Know Your Pleasure! It is estimated that 50-75% of women have orgasms gained through clitoral stimulation rather than penetration. With that being said, you should look no further than an external vibrator. Here are two recommendations that will be just the thing to send you on the road to climax.

The Twisty Rechargable Dual Vibrating Wand is perfect to get you started to getting off nicely.

Everything about this magic wand is a fantastic fit for beginners, from its discreet body to the multi-use functions. It is rechargeable with a handy USB feature to guarantee that you will not be left high or dry. *wink* The medical grade silicone and polyurethane head make certain that you will find it comfortable as you pulse or vibrate your way into a very pleasurable orgasm.

How about one for you both…Sharing is Caring with The Je Joue Mimi

Again, the clitoris will be perfectly stimulated with this little luxury. It can be used solo or held between you both as you enjoy the five different vibration levels.

There are so many choices when browsing online or in a toy store, sometimes it can get overwhelming. Shopping for the perfect vibrator can be like a delicious trip through aisles of a candy store. Everything looks good, and pretty, but is it what you want, or will it hit the right spot?? Make sure you know what you are looking for.

Be a Material Girl

Look out for high quality body safe materials used in the design of your vibrator. Do not settle for cheap products. Treat yourself right and guarantee that the money you spend on giving yourself the best bang for your buck will last. Avoid jelly and rubber toys that are difficult to clean effectively. Go for non-porous toys that are made from silicone. Honestly, that will feel the best.

Once you select your toy, but sure to set the mood for your test run. You will want to be comfortable and sure that there will not be any distractions. If you like music, set your playlist and get ready to get your buzz on. If you are enjoying this as a couple, the knowledge of what is waiting to be played with should be a jump into foreplay. Whichever toy you choose, give yourself a gift…allow yourself to have the time to get it on! Achieving orgasm is a true luxury, and I believe a day without play is not really a good day afterall.