Survival of the Sexiest: Play the Holiday Stress Away

Somewhere in between the time you discover Santa is a totally made-up guy, and being old enough to start wracking up credit card debt from your holiday gifts, this time of year takes on a entirely new meaning. For many of us, the holidays still hold the magic of joy and cheer, but for others, the stress is too much. One of the first thing’s to suffer during the ‘season of giving’ is our romantic relationships and sex drive.

So, instead of letting the stress of the season stop you from being the best version of your sexy self, try out some of these scintillating suggestions to keep you happy, healthy and horny.

Rub it Out
We know what your thinking—the idea of having sex is getting in the way of your stress. One of the best ways to unwind is to work a sensual massage into your routine. Not only does massage cause instant relaxation, it can double as foreplay too. When massaging the erogenous zones, the worry about unwrapped gifts will become a thing of the past. Set the mood and lightly scent the air with a LELO Flickering Touch Candle. This candle doubles as a mood maker and massage oil.

Create a Traditioncombo3
The holidays can be a time to not only reconnect with family, but with your partner. The thrill of trying something new, like the Wedge/Ramp Combo, will not only take your mind off the holiday stress, you’ll have hours of fun devising new ways to use it. Don’t let the “-itis” set in after a heavy meal—steal your partner away and work off some of those calories with this new position tradition.

Bad is the New GoodMaison_Close_Villa_Satine_Rok_Sfeerbeeld_kant_amsterdam_rotterdam-332x500
Being a little naughty isn’t always a bad thing, especially if it’s going to promise some great sex over the holidays. Treat yourself to some sexy Lingerie and wear it proudly beneath your less than flattering Christmas sweater. Wearing something sexy, makes you feel sexy. It’s that simple. Feeling sexy also improves your confidence which will mean success in all areas of your life, especially the bedroom.

Be Spontaneous
Quickies are just that—quick. When moments like listening to Uncle Joe’s surgery for the zillionth time have got you down, steal your lover away for a fast and furious session. However, before settling into your new holiday digs, be sure to conduct a reconnaissance mission for a quite little spot. You never know, the shed out back may create the perfect hideaway.

woman-with-cards-300x200Share the Joy
If you feel like you’re not going to be able to get there on your own, use a vibrating cock-ring during sex. The Tenga SVR packs a powerful punch and is made for both of your pleasure. Hey, sometimes we just need a little more stimulation during this time of year.

Nothing beats stress like a diversion. As the saying goes, couples that play together, stay together. Once you put away the Monopoly set, pull out the Sexy Seduction Card Game. Want some more fantasy? Whip out the travel size Sex Games book. This perfect travel companion is great for those time when sex games need to be taken on the road.

Now go out there. You can do this thing called the holidays. In reality, it’s really only a day (or two, possibly three). Once it’s over, you will be remarkably relieved. And the sex will be amazing. Perhaps way better than it was before the holidays, at least.
Credits by Liberator