Thanksgiving: Giving Thanks for Giving the Gift of Pleasure

Last year was filled with an obsession over the entire Mr. Grey and bondage themes.  I think it was perfect timing to reintroduce a sexual side that may get misjudged simply because people think it is all about pain.  The letters S&M can seem intimidating and it may cause many to shy away, but we should know that it is estimated by experts that 1 in 5 couples dabble in this type of sex and 1 in 20 couples engage in very serious play.  Let’s look further in the amazing areas in which we can take sex into new and exciting levels.

In keeping with the Fifty Shades theme, let’s look at an easy beginners offering that is sure to not only enlighten, but set your night on fire!How sexy and intriguing is the black Intro To S&M Kit, paired with the official Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Bed Restraint Kit?!  It has everything you will need to take your lover to new levels of pleasure.  The black felt covered handcuffs are absolutely perfect to enclose over the wrists of your partner and demand that they do not move… There is a blindfold included in the beginner kit that is one of the most mysterious and sexy things you can add to the bedroom.  The anticipation of the unknown will heighten an already intense sexual position.  The handheld whip is not something to be terrified of, in fact there are numerous ways in which this could be used to bring one of the most satisfying sexual encounters yet.  If you are unsure how to use it, let your imagination rule.  When your partner is laying there with the blindfold on and handcuffed….just simply whipping the air or the bed will send shivers down their spine.  Then you could lightly run the whip up and down their body only touching them with feather soft strokes.  The anticipation of a harder touch will be begged for and it is open season from there to let the sex explode into everything you could wish for.  Trust in the fact that this simple kit will open the door to wanting much more and more is something we should all strive for with our partners.  In this situation, giving will always end in receiving!   Dr. Pam Spurr who is the author of Naughty Tricks & Sexy Tips: A Couple’s Guide to Uninhibited Erotic Pleasure, says that “Couple’s enjoy S&M in part because it lets them explore new roles and visit different places with each other,” and also that “pushing the boundaries as far as you want can be an exhilarating release from the routine.”  Don’t hesitate to add this wonderful way to experience release into your life.

If the idea of inviting S&M into your relationship seems like too much pressure, let a movie that you watch together help introduce the idea! The obvious suggestion is our favorite, Fifty Shades of Grey, 9 1/2 Weeks, and the more involved kinkiness in the movie Secretary.  After, or during the movie you can gage your partner’s interest in the content.  Why not drop hints throughout the everyday routines with simple things such as seeing them tie their suit tie and suggest how fun it could be to use that in another way sometime…or firmly slapping a wooden spoon on your palm and remarking how nice it sounds when it hits your skin.  The kitchen can be a very sexy place after all!  S&M is actually pretty wholesome in its entirety, but it is up to you how dirty it can become.  The ideas that can be created between you and your partner are endless.  Remember that adding a little S&M into your sexual activities does not mean that this will be all the time or the only way you have sex, it is just a new layer in which you are allowed to explore and discover new desires that each of you might have been secretly craving.

Cheers to a month of Thanksgiving and remember that the best gift to give is one full of pleasures and sexy surprises!