Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Everyone!

Match Maid in Heaven 

Everyone deserves to be spoiled, and your special someone is no exception. On this day, make sure they have nothing but your sparkling eyes on their mind as you sweat all the small stuff—picking up and dropping off the kids, doing those post-work errands, even allowing your partner to sleep in a few minutes longer while you clear the ice off their windshield. On paper, not the most romantic-sounding of ideas, we know, but the sentiment is exactly in the right place.

Get your Coup-on
Flowers and chocolates are timeless traditions, but it doesn’t hurt to switch things up once in a while. Buy your partner a Naughty Coupon Booklet, each one redeemable for a romantic gesture; who doesn’t want an on-demand back-rub, or even a 1-hour Do Not Disturb credit when all you want is a glass of red wine and a bubbly bath?

Do Something Daring

Take your passions public and go on an erotic adventure; with a remote-controlled Club Vibe2, you can experience discreet vibrations within as your partner controls the sensations via a wireless remote. Take your sensual secret for a night on the town and see where your erotic adventure leads you.

Put a Ring on It

Have you experienced a lovemaking session with a vibrating couples’ ring yet? If not, take this February 14th as your chance to do so. When he’s wearing a ring as it’s buzzing away at the base of his penis, it not only turns his member into a vibrator, but the gentle constriction of the ring with give him a slightly larger presence and increased stamina. 

Just to recap here; strong vibrations, a little bit bigger and more stamina – what’s not to love?

For the single gal

The holidays can be a bit of a downer for the single girl, and Valentine’s Day represents the final hump. If she can just make it to February 15th, it’s nothing but clear skies and wild nights until Thanksgiving rolls back around. But instead of huddling up underneath the covers and waiting for the winter thaw, why not direct your attention to more pleasurable bedroom activities? 

We’ve all seen that episode of Sex in the City where Charlotte bids adieu to the terrible lovers of her sexual present and surrenders to the orgasmic power of the Rabbit Habit. Well, this toy will knock your socks off! The Womanizer! non-touch stimulation of the clitoris!